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Not All Foams Redistribute Pressure Equally

06/12/2018 9:45 AM | Deleted user

Recent research demonstrates the effectiveness of various foam dressings for pressure redistribution. Jeffrey Niezgoda, MD (APWCA Vice-President) recently published his findings in a poster presentation (SAWC 2018).  His results demonstrated that all foams are not equivalent in the ability to provide pressure relief in patients at risk for developing pressure ulcers.  OxyBand Rescue out performed all other foam dressings currently on the market, providing superior reduction in average pressures and peak pressures, while at the same time maximizing contact area.  The NPUAP has recently published recommendations advocating the use of foam dressings to provide pressure redistribution in an attempt to reduce the risk of pressure ulcer formation in at risk patients.  A copy of the Poster is provided.  

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