Wound Care Report October 2, 2019

10/02/2019 11:35 AM | Deleted user

APWCA’s Weekly Wound Care Report which has the latest developments in wound care news publication featuring the following articles:

  • What we have learned from the Prior Authorization Model for non-emergent HBOT
  • Who is the first line of defense for DFUs?
  • Collagen: Providing a key to the wound healing kingdom
  • Wound closure outcomes suggest clinical equivalency between lyopreserved and cryopreserved placental membranes containing viable cells
  • Living life on the edge: Compassionately caring for all patients
  • Why doctors misdiagnose autoimmune diseases
  • Patient-driven care: Addressing the emergent needs of the digital patient and provider
  • Nutrition and wound healing
  • Consumer perceptions of telehealth

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