Wound Care Report September 25, 2019

09/25/2019 3:59 PM | Deleted user

APWCA’s Weekly Wound Care Report which has the latest developments in wound care news publication featuring the following articles:

  • It's just a foot:' Contemplating perceptions of our work among fellow physicians
  • Global surgical transfer of care to the wound clinic
  • Advances in negative pressure wound therapy for the wound clinic
  • In patients with diabetic foot, improved left ventricular functions are detected by strain echocardiography after the diabetic foot treatment
  • 4 reasons to consider integrative medicine group clinic visits
  • Electrical bandage powered by normal body movement zaps wounds
  • Emerging orthotic and footwear technologies
  • How a lean management approach can improve patient outcomes
  • A megabyte a day keeps the doctor in-play... or at least connected from afar
  • Physicians must help transform EHRs

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