Wound Care Report June 19, 2019

06/20/2019 12:38 PM | Anonymous

APWCA’s Weekly Wound Care Report which has the latest developments in wound care news publication featuring the following articles:

  • Comprehensive patient and wound assessments
  • Visualizing tissue strain under the sacrum and coccyx in different supine postures
  • Substandard wound care can create legal risks for nurses
  • Are you ready for the empowered patient?
  • Pressure injury healing and oral nutritional supplements enriched with arginine
  • Attending to psychosocial concerns for those with epidermolysis bullosa
  • New study: Rural telehealth capabilities are lagging
  • A narrative review of the benefits and risks or total contact casts in the management of diabetic foot ulcers
  • A practical guide to establishing a wound care formulary in your clinic

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