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After much discussion and deliberation, the American Professional Wound Care Association (APWCA) Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to RESCHEDULE the APWCA 2020 annual conference (Wound Week) originally scheduled for April 16-19, in Milwaukee, WI.

March 11, 2020 - Our APWCA team, like many of you, has been eagerly anticipating and preparing for Wound Week 2020. As the largest Wound Care organization run By Clinicians For Clinicians, we are proud of the educational and professional growth opportunity this annual conference gives to all who attend. Due to the recent developments and many unknowns surrounding the ongoing spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) we feel our priority must focus on the safety of those who attend and the communities they serve. Many clinicians and faculty speakers for our conference have already provided notification that the travel restrictions mandated by their institutions have left them unable to attend. These unprecedented travel bans would most certainly compromise the quality of the education and training. While these conferences are important, they simply cannot take precedence over the health and wellbeing of our members or industry partners. Before coming to the difficult decision to postpone the upcoming conference, we have reached out to our stakeholders, industry partners and many of our APWCA members. We appreciate their support and universal endorsement of our decision.

Our highest priority is the health, safety and well-being of our APWCA national and international members and the health communities they serve. We feel that it is imperative that we remain focused on what we all strive for; excellence in clinical wound care for those in greatest need: and putting those patients and communities we serve at risk does not follow the spirit of what our organization stands for. As a Board we have been diligent to review the daily recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, waiting until the time was appropriate to make this decision. With the most recent report from the World Health Organization categorizing COVID-19 as a Pandemic, we feel it is imperative that we do our part to minimize the risk for all our members and with heavy hearts, announce the postponement of our conference for 2020.

By Clinicians, For Clinicians the APWCA stands together with our Sister Societies to persevere amid strife and uncertainty, collectively working to prepare for what lays ahead and support each other in the communities we serve.

We will continue to update our members, participating faculty, exhibitors and other registrants on our website in the weeks to come. We are working to reschedule and hope to have a Spring 2021 date available soon so you can add it to your calendar. We are grateful to all those who have already spent countless hours in preparation of this annual conference, and to those who registered in anticipation of attending this premier event.

Jeffrey A. Niezgoda, MD, FACHM, MAPWCA / APWCA President
Kathya M. Zinszer, DPM, MAPWCA / APWCA Vice President
Christine Shettel, RN, MAPWCA / APWCA Treasurer
Sandeep Gopalakrishnan, PhD, DAPWCA / Secretary


For Clinicians, By Clinicians 


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